Letters from some of our Clients


Dear Kathi,

I want to thank you for the expedient and efficient manner in which you took care of: picking up after dogs, feeding them, washing them, washing their dishes, disposing of the waste, changing the water daily, etc. I am so grateful to have someone trustworthy to take care of our precious dogs. Even trusted friends did not come close to my dog-sitting expectations. BUT, YOU DID IT AND ALL SEEMED TO GO SO WELL. THANKS also for taking in my mail, I think I forgot to ask you to do that.

Thanks again. We are all HAPPY CAMPERS!!!!!

Mary Perle King

Dear Kathi,

Thank you so very much for the fine job you did of watching our cats. “Wally”, “Chris” & Sasha” were very happy with your service. In fact, we think their attitude toward us is, “Who needs you? Bring back Kathi!”

Very truly yours,

Kathy Morey

Dear Kathi,

Thanks so much for taking care of all the little things while I was on vacation. And thanks for extending your service the extra day. Not having to worry about the animals always makes it easier to enjoy my vacation.

Tammy A. Martinez

Dear Kathi & Chris,

Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of “Snickers” & Gilly” while we were on our honeymoon. They seemed happy when we got home, not “unglued”. I had a great time thanks to you folks.

Denise Whalen